Z e n z – Yoga Mat Spray

Z e n z – Yoga Mat Spray Give your mat self-care, love and intention. Not only are yoga mats a breeding ground of bacteria but also you share a very intimate connection to your mat. With each practice we charge our mats with our energy. To wash away and let go of certain energies […]

Happy up morning rituals

Happy up morning rituals Morning rituals brighten our days and connect us within ourselves. Here is one sparkle for your start of the day: 1. Set your natural alarm before going to bed  Set your alarm clock mentally through your visualization of when you want to wake up. think and visualize the time you want […]

Ginger Teas magic

Ginger Teas magic A daily fresh ginger cup of tea keeps the magic steaming through your body! It detoxes your body, strengthens the immune system and strengthens you from the inside and enhances concentration & creativity. Drinking ginger tea can: Store the ginger in the freezer This Ayurvedic magic trick will give the ginger a […]

Y O G A . I B I Z A 2 0 2 1

Y O G A . I B I Z A 2 0 2 1 Every Summer Season Jasmin, the Yoga Teacher,  spends a few weeks on the paradise island Ibiza. She teach Yoga in Private Villas or organizes Yoga Events, Workshops or Retreats. Currently there are no projects going on.. News will be posted here. […]