Z e n z – Yoga Mat Spray

Give your mat self-care, love and intention.

Not only are yoga mats a breeding ground of bacteria but also you share a very intimate connection to your mat. With each practice we charge our mats with our energy. To wash away and let go of certain energies through your mats life is essential and powerful. Therefor cleaning your mat regularly is an act of love. For the love and a long life for your mat we want to use a mat spray that is based on natural ingredients that disinfect and in the same time calms your spirit with it’s smell.

Humans explore their surroundings thorough the senses. Each sense serves its purpose. Deep gratitude to our sense to smell! It has it’s direct effect on our nervous system, calming the mind, deepen experiences and bring you to a beautiful place.. Furthermore there are numerous health benefits working with different aromas..

Hathaspirits mixes different elixirs that can be used for different purposes.. not only can the Mat-spray be used to keep your mat fresh and clean but also it can enhance the experience during the yoga practice soaking up its sense. All oils used for the sprays are based on natural essential oils collected from all over the world!

4 different Elixirs available:

Blossom Dream

A mixture of different notes of flowers such as Jasmine & more with a base of Lavender

Rainbow Love

A lovely mix on different spices with the freshness of Grapefruit and Sandalwood

Golden Tree

A rooting sence with the base note on Sandalwood and a flair of Sage

Purple Light

Pure lavender with a touch of magical Myrrh calming your mind and soul

Spray the elixir around you before meditation or during asana practice and focus on your awareness, it can be powerful and calming.

Each spray is individually mixed with intention & love. You can purchase your spray for 18.- CHF for 50 ml (excluding shipping), contact hathaspirits if you would like to purchase a spray.