Namaste ॐ beautiful Soul

“Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony”

Debasish Mridha

I warmly welcome you on this page and to explore hathaspirits and it’s offerings.

Throughout Haha Yoga practice one attains a delicate balance off body, mind and spirit. Asanas further cleanse the body by creating the inner fire to burn out impurities. They stimulate increased circulation, revitalize all the organs of the body, tone the muscles and ligaments, stabilize the joints, create ease in the nerves, and promote the improved functioning of all the body’s system.

Traditional Hatha Yoga is a holistic yogic path, including moral disciplines, physical postures (asanas), purification procedures (shatkriyas), poses (mudras), yogic breathing (pranayama), and meditation.

Hathaspirits teaches traditional Hatha yoga, where the focus lies on passing on methods and wisdom of the more than 4000 year old tradition.

About Jasmin:

My name is Jasmin and I dearly welcome you to explore hathaspirits. Pranayama, Yoga and Meditation have had a reality changing and liberating impact on my heart, my life and the way I perceive realities. I think that everybody deserves to realize that all the magic lies within each one of us and that once we turn inwards, we feel the wholeness of existence. It is the experience of bliss that I feel during my practice that motivates me to carry the wonderful teachings of further out to the world! With respect to all teachings, I believe each and everyone is its own best and most important teacher. With each offering of hathaspirits I would like to invite you to the sacred space within, to connect deeper and tune in. As a space holder I aim to create space for you to blossom and experience this journey inwards, to connect to your temple, to arrive home. Hathaspirits is currently based in Meilen (Zurich) but holding spaces and retreats in the Swiss Alps, Thailand and Ibiza. Wherever we gather: through Body Movement, Breath, Awareness and Intention we can find ways to dive in deeper and live a balanced life in harmony with all beings. All the love and light from my heart to yours Jasmin
  • Meditate like the Masters, Ajan Yogi, Virtually 2022 
  • 50-hour Yin Yoga, TTC, Bernie Clark & Diana Batts, Virtually, 2021 
  • Yin-Yoga and Chinese Element Workshop, 48 hours (Water, Wood, Earth, Metal), 5 Elements Wisdom Academy, Zürich & Virtually, 2020-2021
  • 300-hour TTC, Shiva Shakti Yoga School, Patnem, India 2019
  • 200-hour TTC, Yoogpeeth, Rishikesh, India 2016, 
  • Personal practice 2010 – now